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Chef in charge of restaurant NB Steak and NB’s talk “The Secrets of Brazilian Southern Beef Ribs” at the Taste seminar room.

About the chef

After having taken the traditional gaucho barbecue out of Brazil, Arri Coser returned to consecrate the meat in the country through NB Steak, founded in Porto Alegre by the Coser family itself in the late 80’s. Today the network has six addresses in Brazil, three of them in Porto Alegre and three in São Paulo, Campo Belo, Itaim and Pinheiros.

When he left Serra Gaúcha thirty years ago, Arri took with him only a few pennies in his pocket and a dream: he wanted to own a great steak house. The ambition proved very small before the gastronomic empire that would raise. In 1979, when he bought the Fogo de Chão churrascaria, the house was little more than a shed, in the city of Porto Alegre, with six employees. By the end of the management of the entrepreneur in 2011, the business reached stores out of the country and the number of 2,000 employees.

In designing the NB Steak model, Arri says he has put together the best of two worlds: the best of the “all you can eat” and the best of a la carte restaurants

About the lecture

Arri Coser and chef Gilson Bellusso, both from NB Steak, will give the lecture NB Steak – Secrets of Costela Gaúcha from NB. The lecture will be held at the lunch session on August 26. Registration is free, and it is done through passwords that will be distributed 30 minutes before each lecture.


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