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Mara Salles spent her childhood in a farm outside of the capital of São Paulo. Her father was a farmer, and her mom took care of the kids, the house, the hens, the pigs, the vegetable garden–and even made cheese. In this environment she had her first culinary lessons, and developed a taste for organic products and built a deep connection with nature.

She has been a professional chef for 27 years, and she is currently the chef of Tordesilhas, an awarded restaurant, with a focus in Brazilian ingredients and recipes. She was a pioneer for using ingredients from the Amazonia and the Cerrado in her menu before anyone else.


Mara is also a culinary teacher who has inspired many young chefs in the industry today. Alongside recognized Brazilian chefs, she also participates in numerous festivals, congresses, gastronomic-events nationally and internationally. But she believes that the relevance of her work is in the profound relationship with Brazilians from every corner of the country.





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