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Taste of São Paulo offers a high quality and premium culinary offering for our passionate, food-loving audience. We are proud to work with the very best brands that match these values and enhance the experience for our visitors.

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The LATAM Airlines Group is the leading airline group in Latin America and one of the biggest ones in the world. It offers flights to 140 destinations in 25 countries, operating in six domestic markets in Latin America — Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru — with international flights between these countries, and to Europe, the United States, the Caribbean, Oceania and Africa.



Audi’s versatile nature catches people’s eyes everywhere it goes, especially events that represent its lifestyle and resonate with its values. Novelty, upscaling and sportiness are in the brand’s DNA and are noticeable in both its products and an its actions.


Stella Artois


Apex Brasil

The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) works to promote Brazilian products and services abroad, and to attract foreign investment to strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy. The Agency supports more than 12,000 companies from 80 different industries, which in turn export to 200 markets.


Apex-Brasil also plays a key role in attracting foreign direct investment to Brazil, working to detect business opportunities, promoting strategic events and providing support to foreign investors interested in allocating resources in Brazil.



Azeite Andorinha

The olive oil Andorinha has more than 90 years of tradition. It is one of the most popular olive oils in Brazil. Its properties are those of the most premium and flavorsome olive oil produced in the largest olive farm in the world, in Portugal.





Nestlé Nespresso is a reference in high-quality individual coffee servings. The company works with over 70,000 producers from 12 countries. Nespresso has been in Brazil for ten years and has 15 specialty shops in the main cities of Brazil.


Água Mineral São Lourenço

São Lourenço has been selling mineral water for 125 years and its water spring is in São Lourenço, Minas Gerais. Its sparkling water is naturally carbonated, with thin and delicate bubbles that extend the taste sensations. Ideal to match meals and good wines.



Grand Cru



Pão de Açúcar

With 186 stores in 12 Brazilian states and in the Federal District, the main feature of Pão de Açúcar is that it brings together a wide variety of quality products while offering a service style that is primarily based on closer customer relations. It is a locally-based supermarket that makes sure it offers convenience in a welcoming atmosphere.
The brand offers a full range of products and services, such as wine and cheese consultants, and is a reference in innovation, healthiness and sustainability.
In line with an avant-garde attitude, Pão de Açúcar launched, in 1995, the country’s first online food store. It has also been the first to create a customer relationship program, the Pão de Açúcar Mais, in 2000; and the first chain to introduce the green store model, in 2008. The brand is also recognized by all consumers for encouraging conscious consumption and a healthy lifestyle, with the Relay Marathons created 25 years ago.


Elite Professional Melhoramentos



Localiza is the largest car rental chain in South America, with 579 shops in six countries and more than 150,000 cars available for rental. With a database of more than 6 million clients and 44 years of experience in the industry, Localiza is highly innovative and offers solutions and products that ensure greater speed in its car rental business.

In 2016, Localiza was voted the 25th most valuable Brazilian brand, according to the Interbrand ranking, and achieved a prominent position in “Ethics and Transparency,” on the Exame Guide on Sustainability. It also ranked first in Social Responsibility and People Management in the 15th Human Being Award, and was a winner in the “Car Rental” category of the Época Reclame Aqui Award — The Best Companies for the Consumers.

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Blue Tree Premium Morumbi



Tecnogera specializes in temporary power solutions, including equipment leasing and installation and operation of power plants across Latin America.


For more than 50 years, Esmaltec, owned by the Group Edson Queiroz, has been offering a full range of home appliances. They include stoves, drinking fountains, refrigerators, freezers, water filters, washing machines and cooktops that can please even the most demanding consumers. Today, the brand is a sales leader of stoves and refrigerated drinking fountains.
Its history began in 1963 with a little more than 100 employees. Today, in Maracanaú, Ceará, with more than 2,900 employees, it takes an area of 360,000 m², of which 86,555 m² is fully covered.


Nacional Gás



Topema Innovations

For over 50 years, Topema has been manufacturing professional kitchens and offering a full range of equipment solutions and innovations focusing on sustainability and reduction of operating costs in kitchens. Our purpose is to offer tailor-made solutions and cost-effective equipment for a variety of businesses, including restaurants, hotels, hospitals, fast food shops, catering for firms, food trucks, and many other solutions.





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